Passion for Mission Reflections by Phil Prior 4  

This is the fourth and final post in a series of blogs from Global Connections – A Passion for Mission at All Souls, Langham Place. The theme was “God’s Mission in a Time of Transition. What is the role of the UK in mission today in a world that has changed so much and continues to change?” This post is a reflection on Martin Lee’s session.Read more

Confidence to Take the Gospel to Council Estates

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Blogs are a rich source of thought-provoking comments and articles. The following was taken from a blog written by Steve Casey, using abridged content from Pete Jackson: is external)

…Something strange has happened in conservative evangelical circles in recent decades. It seems that a strategy for gospel ministry has developed that goes something like this: Let’s reach the brightest and most influential people in society, because if we reach them we’ll reach the nation. And so there has been a concerted focus for the evangelisation of our nation on university cities and towns (but mainly the bits of those cities and towns where the predominantly middle-class students and graduates live). To our shame the working class and, for want of a better term, the ‘benefit-dependent underclass’, have by and large, been ignored by our constituency.

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The Importance of urban mission

The cities of the world are crucial places for Christian mission. We can see this from the very beginnings of the church: in Acts, Paul goes to Athens, the intellectual centre of the Greco-Roman world; Corinth, one of the commercial centres of the empire; Ephesus, perhaps the Roman world’s religious centre as the hub of many pagan cults and particularly of the imperial cult; and to Rome, the empire’s power capital, the military and political centre of that world. John Stott concludes: “It seems to have been Paul’s deliberate policy to move purposefully from one strategic city-centre to the next.”Read more

Like Lambs Among Wolves….

Having read the small print would you sign up for this? Would you want your son or daughter to go? This is how Jesus describes the short-term mission trip he sends the 72 disciples on in Luke 10.

Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves…

If we are going on a short-term trip because we think it will be fun or an adventure, we are missing the point. It might be, but our focus must be on our witness and obedience to Jesus. Mission is a serious business – even short-term. These 72 were appointed by Jesus – what a great privilege and responsibility. So are we! They were sent ahead of Jesus to places He planned to visit – keeping that perspective in mind will bring a new dimension to our trip.

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