Hope does not disappoint

The Evangelical Alliance has called the UK to believe for a hopeful future following the outcome of the General Election which returned a majority Conservative government.

In a statement responding to the election outcome, Gavin Calver, CEO, said: “I am hopeful for the future of the United Kingdom as we head into 2020.

“Not because one party has won and another has lost, but because we believe in a God who is powerful.

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How big are your prayers?

I found it hard to fully relax the first time that I travelled in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The streets of Bukavu were full of brightly dressed women buying and selling but every time I looked at the surrounding hills I felt unsafe. Rebel militias could strike at any time. One warlord in particular stood out. General Nkunda had an eagle-topped cane and a brutal reputation. His militia were highly effective fighters and so when he threatened to march on the capital Kinshasa and take over the government it was no idle threat.

But, in his pride, he had forgotten that ‘the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to whoever he wishes’ (Daniel 4v17).

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Brexit and your responsibilities

Global Connection’s raison d’être is global mission with our partners and members. Our primary responsibility under God is to keep global mission before God in prayer (Acts 6:4) and before the UK church. We are called to be focused on Jesus, and then the needs of the world, and not be side-tracked by important but secondary issues (Hebrews 12:1-3). A temptation in challenging times can be to lose our external, outward-looking perspective and become focused upon ourselves and our needs (1 Cor. 10:14). Church history offers plenty of examples to illustrate this point. I encourage you to keep our eyes on our primary calling to global mission – our horizons are and must remain global. Let’s encourage each other to look beyond our own shores and continue to call the UK church to global mission (Acts 1:8).

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The B-word

As I write the U.K. is in a state of confusion and flux. There have been and are arguments that float terms such as ‘sovereignty’ and ‘taking back control.’ People on all sides have strong views which have sometimes led to violence and even bloodshed on English streets. Emotions flow freely, in a torrent that divides nations, families and tribes.

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