When short-term mission gets cancelled…

I’ve been hearing stories recently about short-term mission workers whose time abroad has been rudely interrupted by Covid.

Young people on a gap year who had barely got into their stride in the field when their agency called them back home. People on a DTS who can’t go on outreach. Medical students planning an elective abroad whose plans have been frustrated.

For many of these people it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to serve God abroad, and now it’s not happening. Perhaps it’s never going to happen. Many of these people are disappointed, confused and angry. They need to process this. They have questions like “Why did God send me abroad only to bring me back again?”

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Wrestling with the issue of racism

The issue of racism is at the forefront of conversation right now and it’s time people listened to the voices that need to be heard.

Pastor Israel Olofinjana shares seven practical points to help churches, mission agencies and theological colleges navigate what it means to express God’s multi-ethnic kingdom on earth.

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Racism – We Must Not Be Silent

This is an imperfect attempt from a white European living in Asia to not be silent on racism.

Should I say something about racism? Yes, but I’ve hesitated. Letting everyone know over social media how appalled I am over the unjust killing of George Floyd, perhaps adding a powerful quote by Martin Luther King and then getting on with my evening just feels inauthentic. Like I’m just making sure I said something so people know that I care or that I’m some champion for justice. One African-American leader wrote this week that silence often speaks volumes and that more white people should speak up. I don’t want to be silent.

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The changing face of evangelism

As we emerge into a much-changed world, it is important to cling to the fact that God has not changed.

I am writing this in the spare room/office of my home, in what is now the eighth week of lockdown. This period has been one of reflection, a chance to be able to reassess my thoughts, my intentions and my motivation.

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How biblical are Iftar meals with Muslims?

Since the world has been struck by Covid-19, participating in any form of social gathering has proved challenging or impossible, but this crisis has not completely disrupted everything. Muslims all over the world are still in the midst of Ramadan, which this year fell between 24th April and 23rd May, and while this year (in many places) it may not be feasible for Christians to join Muslims as they break fast, now is the perfect time to consider whether doing so is biblical. Mission leader and author Steve Bell explores…

During Ramadan it is not unusual for some Christians to break fast in Iftar meals with Muslims they know – some in a Muslim home; some in their own home; some on mosque turf and others on church turf. Some Christians ask how appropriate all this is. 

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How a mission worker survived lockdown in China

Greetings from the East…

Two to three months ago, the world was thinking about China and praying for us. Today my heart and prayers, and those of believers here, are focused on you in the West, and the rest of the world. It’s been an unsettling time facing COVID-19, but I want to take a moment to share as things start to look a little brighter here.

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Reaching the community during lockdown

In the midst of this crisis we know God is at work, and hearing stories of hope and of how God is working through others reminds us that his hand is on this situation. The following post, from the Chaplain at Nazarene Theological College, demonstrates why we must continue to share the love of Christ with others during lockdown:
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Lessons from Crisis Management Training

Useful lessons from Crisis Management Training

One of the advantages of having been in mission leadership is that I have taken a number of courses and workshops in crisis management. You never know when some background in hostage negotiation might come in handy. Though given that in one role-playing exercise, I managed to have a school and all of the hostages blown up, you may not want to engage me as a negotiator.

However, I have picked up some things which may be useful to people during the current slow-burn crisis that we are living through and I thought I’d share them.

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