Chaos, fear, pain, anger – then Jesus came!

Britain sustained three home-grown terrorist attacks in 3 months. While the nation reeled the inferno at Grenfell Tower happened; the majority of victims were Muslim. Yet the Bible insists that even in despair God gives ‘treasure in darkness’ as a sign of the Kingdom breaking in. The media marvelled but couldn’t quite explain the impromptu solidarity – here’s some evidence of it.

Pure ‘evil’ descended on Manchester Arena at a pop concert; on bridges and streets in London. Blast; flash; fire; thud; stabbing; screams; panic; running; crying; chaos; mayhem.

Then Jesus came!… People – who may not realise it – behaved in ways consistent with the teaching of Jesus Christ. ‘Verily I say to you, in as much as you have done it to one of the least of these my kin, you have done it to me.‘ (Mat.25:40)

You may say: “What else do you expect human beings to do for one another?” But the point is they went the extra mile and more; reaching across the social divide of race, religion, class or Brexit vote to commit inexplicable acts of random kindness, the likes of which may not have been seen since the war.

  • A Muslim man stood blind-folded with a sign saying: “I’m trusting you; if you’ll trust me, give me a hug” and people queued up to hug him.
  • A Jewish woman and a Muslim man (long-standing friends) walked arm in arm to view the floral tributes to those killed and injured.
  • Two rough sleepers ran into the mayhem to comfort and assist the distressed.
  • A middle class family in Kensington took a Muslim family into their own home.
  • Holiday Inn said: “Our nearest hotel to Manchester Arena has taken in dozens of kids who have been separated from their parents tonight.”
  • Taxi drivers in Liverpool went to Manchester to offer free journeys to anyone stranded after the Manchester Arena attack.
  • The Imam of Finsbury Park mosque, Mohammed Mahmoud, physically protected, from the angry crowd, the man who drove his van into members of his congregation.

One commentator rightly said:

‘Out of the depths comes light; out of oppression comes hope. You can blame and curse in bitterness and hate, or you can sing a song of joy because there’s a better story to tell.                                                                                     

In times of distress and suffering, there are signs of the presence of God; manna falls in the desert; water is found in unexpected places. The water of life is the presence of love and compassion; when ordinary people do extraordinary things to help their fellow human beings for no other reason than that they want to and can.’


Photo by Alexander Lam on Unsplash

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Steve Bell

Steve Bell

National Director at Interserve
A mission leader, analyst, trainer and author, Steve is a recognised communicator with 40 years’ experience in 100 countries. He taught Muslim children in a British inner-city school and then adults in the Middle East. He studied Islamics at Nottingham University, All Nations Christian College, Evangelical Seminary Cairo and Southern Cross College Sydney and has directed Carey College, Action Partners (formerly SUM) and currently is National Director for Interserve. Steve is author of 'Friendship First, Gospel for Muslims and Gospel for Muslims' and co-edited 'Between Naivety & Hostility'. Steve has been a regular speaker for Spring Harvest, Keswick Convention, New Wine and the conferences of FIEC and AOG. He also networks with Mosque and church community leaders on constructive interface and sharing; mission leaders on ‘Islam and Christian witness’ and advises parliamentarians on the issue of ‘social cohesion’. His passion in life is to facilitate ‘ordinary’ Christians discussing good news with 'ordinary' Muslims. He has championed the ‘grace and truth’ (Jn.1:14,17) response to Muslim people for over 20 years. Steve is married to Julia, a senior teacher and, when not enjoying long walks, serious music and cruising, they are “owned” at home by a mentally deranged Siamese cat called Izzy.
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