Cross fertilization

  • Does your organisation have a policy of encouraging staff (including senior staff) to take on trusteeships with other Christian organisation?
  • Does your organisation make provision (e.g. paid leave) to facilitate that policy?
  • Does your organisation monitor the benefits?

Trustees are so important in the mission sector. Every charity has a board of different people who bring their skills, experience and commitment together to take responsibility for the organisation.

When one Christian organisation offers its staff to help another, it says something powerful and profound about us – that we are all on the same side, partners shoulder to shoulder in God’s mission. It’s a great way for an organisation to give to another and to share ideas.

But there’s also a kickback. It’s a great way for an organisation to develop their staff. Trustee boards give exposure to governance, budgeting, strategic planning and seeing other senior leaders in action. We learn so much informally, and it’s cheaper than a formal training course! They may even pick up some new ideas for your own organisation.

For example, both St Andrew the Great in Cambridge and All Souls Langham Place have released some of their ministers to serve as trustees of Christian missions. Global Connections has a policy that our staff can use up to 5 working days for trusteeships. Many secular organisations have similar programmes.

Could your organisation promote cross-fertilization?

We’d love to hear from you, to know whether or not your organisation encourages staff to take on trusteeships with other Christian organisations, and what fruit you have seen from it. Please drop us a line at


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Anna Bishop

Anna Bishop

Minister (World Mission) at All Souls, Langham Place
Anna is the new CEO for Global Connections. Before this, she was the Minister for World Mission at All Souls, Langham Place. She's also worked overseas with the church in North Africa and in Bible translation in West Africa, and 5 years in Government strategy. She is a trustee of Wycliffe Bible Translators and Release International and is part of the Lausanne Younger Leaders group.
Anna Bishop

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