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One of the most hidden roles in mission are the trustee boards. The men and women to whom the CEOs report. They meet several times a year, often volunteering their time and talents for free – but carrying ultimate responsibility for our churches, charities and mission agencies.

In recent straw-poll we counted 34 members of the All Souls Church family on different trustee boards – African Enterprise, AIM, All Nations, EA, Gospel For Asia, Langham Partnerships, Release International, SIM, UCCF, Wycliffe, YFC and more – as well as our own parochial church council (PCC).

Serving as a trustee is a great role for someone rich in wisdom, skills and experience, but perhaps poorer in terms of time. Many people in busy careers may not be able to volunteer week in week out, but could make 4 or 5 board meetings a year. It can also be a great option for the newly retired, looking how to make the most of their experience and new free time.

As we think about our world mission ministry at All Souls, we send out almost as many trustees as we do missionaries. It’s an important part of strategy and what we can offer in world mission. So as we think about the mission call, perhaps it’s go, give, pray, send or ‘get on a board’.

Many mission organisations advertise for new trustees at

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Anna Bishop

Anna Bishop

Minister (World Mission) at All Souls, Langham Place
Anna is the new CEO for Global Connections. Before this, she was the Minister for World Mission at All Souls, Langham Place. She's also worked overseas with the church in North Africa and in Bible translation in West Africa, and 5 years in Government strategy. She is a trustee of Wycliffe Bible Translators and Release International and is part of the Lausanne Younger Leaders group.
Anna Bishop

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