Global Pandemic: A poem

A man had a fever, he mingled with others,
And passed on the illness to three of his brothers,
Then each in their turn caused three further new cases,
And so the disease moved to more and more places.

The virus initially just kept on spreading,
Till doctors confronted the way things were heading,
For though they were using all treatments worth trying,
A growing proportion of patients were dying.

Then numerous countries began introducing
New guidance on handwashing, thereby reducing
The risk that the sickness would sweep through the nations
And bring into jeopardy whole populations.

When this did not slow down the rate of infection,
More rules were enforced for all people’s protection,
With those who were sick put in self-isolation
In order to safeguard each country’s salvation.

Next, closure of schools in a bid to contain it,
With parents left doing their best to explain it,
Then limits on meetings, and leisure, and travel,
Society’s fabric began to unravel.

A man knew the cure for the worst which afflicts us,
It did not rely on a rule which restricts us,
Nor vaccines, nor drugs, nor adaptive behaviour,
But simply true faith placed in Jesus our Saviour.

For Jesus came not just to heal and relieve us
From all of the physical burdens which grieve us,
He died as the antidote to our offences,
And gave us new life through the grace he dispenses.

The man knew this message was urgently needed,
With friends he spoke boldly, with colleagues he pleaded,
And though many thought that vain hope had deceived him,
Still three of his friends heard the truth and believed him.

And they, in their joy, were compelled to keep speaking
Of Jesus, the remedy which they’d been seeking,
In most of their efforts, their words were rejected,
Yet each saw three others with Christ’s love infected.

And so the good news passed from one to another,
A germ of real hope which no measures could smother,
And countless were caught in the virtuous spiral
As word of salvation in Jesus went viral

The views expressed in this blog post are personal to the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the GC network.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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Deborah Kong

Deborah Kong

Deborah is the Finance Director at AIM, and Treasurer of GC. She had her first experience of working in mission in 1999, spending part of her summer doing data entry when AIM was implementing a new CRM database. Despite the fact that she spent most of her time causing the computer server to crash, she was allowed to join the AIM team on a more long-term basis when an opportunity opened up there in 2000. She loves the fact that God uses everyone in mission, even people like herself who don't like travelling, speaking other languages, or hot climates. When she is not taking unruly transactions and making them conform to the neat and tidy structure of a set of charity accounts, she likes to take her unruly thoughts and make them conform to the neat and tidy structure of rhyming, metred verse. She writes mostly about faith, music, and penguins.
Deborah Kong

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