Learning from God’s Global Church

The church started in the Middle East, spread to Europe, Asia, Africa, and then later to the Americas. Today there are more Christians in the majority world, than the West. Christianity was never a European religion and it definitely isn’t today.


The Bible tells us that, though we are scattered across the world, we are one family, one body. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it, if one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it. (I Cor 12:26).

One of the privileges of being part of God’s worldwide church is to learn from another. So let us, here in the UK, learn from God’s church around the world. There are a number of ways we can do that:

  • inviting preachers from overseas;
  • visiting churches in other countries;
  • visiting a the church of a minority ethnic group here in the UK; and –
  • reading Christian books and theology from around the world.

Championed by the work of Langham Literature and others, there has been a real growth in the number of Christian books available to us from around the world. From whole Bible and single book commentaries, books on discipleship and ministry, and powerful biographies. Here at All Souls, we’ve put a suggested selection on our website at Some of my favourites are Samuel Waje Kunhiyop’s ‘African Christian Ethics’ and Ajith Fernando’s ‘Jesus Centred Ministry’.

Curl up with a book and learn from God’s worldwide church.

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Anna Bishop

Anna Bishop

Minister (World Mission) at All Souls, Langham Place
Anna is the new CEO for Global Connections. Before this, she was the Minister for World Mission at All Souls, Langham Place. She's also worked overseas with the church in North Africa and in Bible translation in West Africa, and 5 years in Government strategy. She is a trustee of Wycliffe Bible Translators and Release International and is part of the Lausanne Younger Leaders group.
Anna Bishop

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