“To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.” 1 Samuel 15:22

After 10 years of working in the civil service, as I was watching a James Dobson film, God gave me a strong desire to be a teacher. I had no A levels, never mind a degree, and a wife and young family to support so it seemed a crazy idea. However, when God speaks into your heart it is simply a question of whether you will obey or not. I did obey that call and became a Primary school teacher and then was involved in Initial Teacher Education for 16 years.

In my walk with God, overseas missions had never been at all on my agenda. I had never thought much about Missions and missionaries until 2003 when the youth leaders from my church took some young people, including two of my children, to Albania to work with street kids. The following year the young people wanted to go again but the leaders could not go. Obedience to step into this leadership role was not at all easy but I am so glad I obeyed even if it was with a fair degree of reluctance.

I have led a team to Albania every year since 2004 and that reluctance soon disappeared when I got to know the people and God gave me a love for so many wonderful Albanian friends.

I had no idea that God was orchestrating these different strands of my life in preparation for another call. In 2010, because of my experience in education and my interest in Mission I was asked to join the leadership of TeachBeyond and became UK Director in 2012. Obeying that call was easy as I saw God’s hand clearly leading and it has been great to see God transforming lives through education across the world.

I am sharing this testimony not to draw attention to myself but to illustrate the importance of listening to God’s call and obeying even when the way ahead seems hugely challenging and sometimes ridiculous in our eyes. I would have missed out on so much if I had ignored God’s call and I pray that as you read this you will be challenged to obey whatever God is calling you to do.


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David Midwinter

David Midwinter

Director at TeachBeyond
David is married to Ruth and they live in Brookhouse near Lancaster. David was a Primary school teacher before moving into teacher education at St Martin’s College and then University of Cumbria. He was Programme Leader of the 4 Year undergraduate degree. His interest in Mission work grew after a trip to Albania in 2004 and he has led teams to Albania every year since then. He joined TeachBeyond in 2011 as Director of Higher Education and became Director of TeachBeyond UK in 2012.
David Midwinter

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