Issues Facing Mission Today: Finance

This is a follow on from two recent posts and is part of a hard hitting segment from a much longer blog post on the Bible and Mission blog by Rollin Grams – go here for the full blog.

“The approach to financing missions is disconnected to the mission of the Church.  When missionaries are asked to articulate their own sense of calling to a particular ministry in order to raise support from a host of churches in the west, there is a ‘hole’ in the ‘system’ for financing.

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Get to Work – Get to Mission

Millennials, we’re told, expect to remain in a job for just under three years. That could mean 15-20 jobs in a working life. For many, job-hopping is a strategy to gain more experience, and part of the search for greater job fulfillment.

In the book, Work Matters, Paul Stevens says we need to consider the purpose of God for our lives right where we are, in the job that we’re doing, rather than view life as haphazard chance. With an Esther-like perspective, we’re to recognise that we’ve been placed in ‘such a place and time as this’.

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Shall I?

Shall I leave the prints of my knees upon the sandy beach,

A record of my final prayer in my native land?

Shall I suffer every kind of wound that the sea can inflict?

Shall I take my tiny boat across the wide sparkling ocean?

King of the glorious heaven, shall I go of my own choice upon the sea?

O Christ will you help me on the wild waves?

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The African Village Mission – Episode 2

A few months later.

‘ Hi John. Long time no see,’ said George as he saw John coming into the pub.

‘Yes,’ said John, ‘ I haven’t had much time to come here since we started the African Village Mission.’

‘What has been happening then?’

‘Well it hasn’t gone as smoothly as I had hoped. There are times when I think you may have been right to be cautious…’Read more

Learning from God’s Global Church

The church started in the Middle East, spread to Europe, Asia, Africa, and then later to the Americas. Today there are more Christians in the majority world, than the West. Christianity was never a European religion and it definitely isn’t today.


The Bible tells us that, though we are scattered across the world, we are one family, one body. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it, if one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it. (I Cor 12:26).

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Issues Facing Mission Today: Lack of Training

This is a follow on from another recent post and is part of a hard hitting segment from a much longer blog post on the Bible and Mission blog by Rollin Grams – for the full blog see

“Missionaries have little understanding of the mission of the Church and little training to accomplish this mission.  Sure, not you, or not the missionary you support—I’m talking about the other ones.  I could come at this from various directions.  Here is one. Read more

The African Village Mission – Episode 1

‘That was a great trip we had to Africa’, said John as he met George in the local pub. ‘The young people are really enthused by all they were able to do to help that village. They would like to do something more.

‘What sort of thing were you thinking about?’ asked George

‘Well, something more permanent. I think we should set up a charity to help the village regularly. I have spoken to the minister and he thinks it would be a good idea if we started an African Village Mission.’

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Issues Facing Mission Today: The Loss of Vision

This is a hard hitting segment from a much longer blog post[1] on the Bible and Mission blog by Rollin Grams .

“Most mission agencies have lost the vision of mission.  Yes, it is true—and I am not trying to be sensationalist about this.  I’m not saying that they have the wrong mission—they probably have pretty well worked out mission statements, and they likely are all passionate about their stated mission.  True, some of the agencies have such broad statements of what their vision for mission is that they lack any focus (I have worked for mission agencies like this, and it makes ministry difficult as there is little support from the mission for your ministry).  The problem with mission agencies typically lies not in their vision and mission statements, though, but in their practice of mission.  Let’s set aside mission agencies with a singular focus, such as Bible translation, relief support, development, or medical missions.  Let’s talk about the ‘sending agency’ missions.  Someone gets excited about foreign missions in a local church and is directed to a mission sending agency.  They get screened with the usual screening: they are Christian, can articulate some sense of calling into missions, pass a battery of psychological tests, and seem to have a way of fitting into the many things going on in the mission agency’s fields of ministry.  This is enough to convince people that some kind of mission is taking place. Read more

Winning. Caring. Mobilising.

What images does mission bring to us? Young families heading out to new lives overseas, orphanages in developing countries, student campus missions around the world.

Great stuff. But we also need to think about the other end of the age spectrum.

While many developing countries have a younger population, Europe is ageing. From 2011-2060 over 65s will rise from 17.5 – 29.5% of the European population. That’s a huge and growing number of older people. It’s both a great challenge and an opportunity for mission.

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If Europe is already heaven, why does it need Jesus?

Every time I ride the London tube I’m reminded that world appears to have come to Europe. When I turn on the news there’s story after story about the hundreds of thousands more people still desperately trying to reach our shores.

Why do so many people want to live in Europe today? I can actually relate to them pretty easily. I grew up in one of the world’s poorest nations – the Democratic Republic of Congo. Life there was (and sadly still is) very difficult between frequent civil wars, corruption, lack of access to adequate education and medical care…Read more