Winning. Caring. Mobilising.

What images does mission bring to us? Young families heading out to new lives overseas, orphanages in developing countries, student campus missions around the world.

Great stuff. But we also need to think about the other end of the age spectrum.

While many developing countries have a younger population, Europe is ageing. From 2011-2060 over 65s will rise from 17.5 – 29.5% of the European population. That’s a huge and growing number of older people. It’s both a great challenge and an opportunity for mission.

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If Europe is already heaven, why does it need Jesus?

Every time I ride the London tube I’m reminded that world appears to have come to Europe. When I turn on the news there’s story after story about the hundreds of thousands more people still desperately trying to reach our shores.

Why do so many people want to live in Europe today? I can actually relate to them pretty easily. I grew up in one of the world’s poorest nations – the Democratic Republic of Congo. Life there was (and sadly still is) very difficult between frequent civil wars, corruption, lack of access to adequate education and medical care…Read more

Four men walked into a coffee shop

A Muslim Imam, an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, a Roman Catholic Priest and an evangelical missionary. They got chatting about how they had got to their present positions.

The Imam talked about his early upbringing in Islam, his memorisation of the Qur’an and the beginnings of his formal training. He recounted his time at Al-Azhar in Egypt and his first post after seven years of training.

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As the Father sent me

Please help us in OUR mission – the cry of many mission agencies and committed missionaries. Evangelicals have always been and will always be activists. Yet it is so easy for the emphasis to be on my mission, my calling, my sending, my ministry and when this happens it should fill us with concern.

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