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Identity Politics

Heads are turned by Islamic violence while behind our backs the Judeo-Christian heritage is being subtly eroded – the latest casualty is the concept of “gender”. The Bible says: ‘In the beginning God created humankind male and female’ (Gen.1:27-28) that can ‘increase and multiply’ but the secularist ‘liberal-left’ now says gender has little to do with our birth anatomy. What’s going on?                                                                                                                                                       Read more


Reverse Missiology: An Introduction

Passion for Mission Speaker 2017 Israel Olofinjana writes on the concept of “reverse mission”, which is becoming more and more relevant for the church today.

If you live in an urban part of the UK, you have probably noticed the many African, Latin American, Caribbean and Asian churches and Christians in Britain. Perhaps you’ve wondered why all these people are coming and starting churches in the UK?

One popular phrase used to describe this activity is ‘reverse mission’, but what is reverse mission, and why is it a controversial term?Read more



A brief and thought provoking post from Glenn Myers this week about the future of Christianity in our country.

It’s not news that our country has long been heading away from the Christian faith, changing our laws and norms, a sort of ‘Chrexit’.

But what do we Christians do about it? This kind of thing has happened before.Read more


Mixed Mission

“Now I understand that Central Asia is, well let’s say niche, but why has recruitment slowed right down?” was the question I started to ask myself increasingly over the past twelve years. There is still talk within People International circles of that first batch of workers into Uzbekistan after the fall of the Iron Curtain, so many that they chartered an aeroplane. So what was I doing wrong? Where are all the candidates?Read more


Confidence to Take the Gospel to Council Estates

This article is taken from Issue 2 of our Sphere magazine. To order your own copy of the magazine click here.

Blogs are a rich source of thought-provoking comments and articles. The following was taken from a blog written by Steve Casey, using abridged content from Pete Jackson: www.reachingtheunreached.org.uk/category/fuel/(link is external)

…Something strange has happened in conservative evangelical circles in recent decades. It seems that a strategy for gospel ministry has developed that goes something like this: Let’s reach the brightest and most influential people in society, because if we reach them we’ll reach the nation. And so there has been a concerted focus for the evangelisation of our nation on university cities and towns (but mainly the bits of those cities and towns where the predominantly middle-class students and graduates live). To our shame the working class and, for want of a better term, the ‘benefit-dependent underclass’, have by and large, been ignored by our constituency.

Read more