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Passion for Mission Reflections by Phil Prior 3

This is the third of a series of blogs from Passion for Mission, which took place on the 8th June 2017 at All Souls, Langham Place. The theme was “God’s Mission in a Time of Transition. What is the role of the UK in mission today in a world that has changed so much and continues to change?” In this post I will be reflecting on words from Israel Olofinjana, who raised the four issues for partnering in mission across the world.

  1. Learning from the global south

 Israel preferred the term ‘majority world’, as it is a more accurate phrase that describes where most Christians are these days. We need to learn from people in other continents, but we can also learn from those that have come to the UK. This doesn’t mean that people from the global south have it sorted.


  1. Building bridges and tunnels in our relationships

Relationship is very, very important. We have to be intentional in our networking. Who are your closest friends? Are they people like you?

We need to build both bridges and tunnels. Bridges are obvious, tunnels aren’t. The tunnels are the times behind the scenes. Can we eat together? Can we sit and relax together? It is when we relax together that we work things out. Our friendships should not be reduced to activities.


  1. Being intentional: turning our ideas into reality

There’s been talk about the centre of gravity of Christianity having shifted, but this talk can remain as lip service. How has that informed and shaped our practices? How does it inform and shape how we do things?

We also need to look at how our structures can change to reflect the reality. Having one or two people from the global south in our structures is good, but we shouldn’t stop there. We also need to read books by global south practitioners. We need to listen to their ideas.




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