Things Home Mission Can Learn: Religion – Part 8

This post is probably the most straightforward one in this series.

If you are trying to reach people from other religions with the gospel, it’s a good idea to learn from people who already have extensive experience in the field. Why go ahead and make lots of mistakes, when you can learn from the mistakes and experience of others?

A number of mission agencies with extensive experience in work among other faith communities have resources specially designed to help British churches reach out to their neighbours. Here are a few examples:

Grace for Muslims is a website maintained by Steve Bell of Interserve which seeks to educate Christians about Islam and to encourage and equip them to reach out to them with the message of Christ. On the resources page, you will find the excellent Friendship First course, which is a six week course designed to help ordinary Christians to relate to Muslims as people. It is written for Christians who have little or no knowledge of the subject and can be run in church home groups or larger seminar settings.

Neighbours Worldwide is a programme from WEC International which seeks to help churches in the UK reach out to different ethnic groups in their area. Experienced mission partners work alongside existing churches to support them in their evangelism.

South Asia Concern offers a wide range of services to churches that want to reach out to their neighbours from the Indian Sub-Continent. These include audits to see how “Asian friendly” your church is and courses and workshops aimed at equipping Christians to understand and to reach out to their Asian neighbours.


This is part eight of ten of a series on Things home mission can learn from oversea mission by Eddie Arthur.

First published on on 28 November 2017.

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Eddie Arthur

Eddie Arthur

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