Where is your shameless audacity?

Asking is a wholly spiritual concept. Jesus himself told us to ask, seek and knock.

For charity people:

Asking is active – not expecting the other person to somehow know the need, not waiting for God to speak to them in some vague spiritual way when he has given us mouths to speak  and words to express need, not feeling fearful of expressing what we need from another.

Seeking is searching – looking under, behind, above and below. Using our brains to think about where best to seek or who to seek, exploring, pursuing, investigating…

Not passively waiting for the donor to be brought to us, not prayer without action, not wasting expertise, experience and ability.

Knocking is finding a barrier and instead of turning away, seeking a way through. It is persistence, devotion, not giving up, banging on closed doors, being noisy, even being a nuisance.

Too often I see Christian charities NOT asking, seeking, knocking. Ironically it is often the non-faith based charities that are best at this stuff!

Now, I know Luke 11 and Matthew 7 are about asking God for what we need. But Jesus draws a parallel, saying that the neighbour who is ‘shamelessly audacious’ gets what he or she needs. In these verses I see a challenge to our timid mindset and low asks. If it is God who supplies the needs of his people, through other people (donors, the church) and through charities and missions, then should we also not be shamelessly audacious in our asks?

My pastor tells a story of a church he visited in Africa. The collection was taken up amidst much music, dancing and joy and the collection plate was eventually returned to the minister. He took a look and said “not enough” and sent the plate round again!

Are we willing to send the plate round again – not for ourselves, not for our organisations, but for the people God has called us to serve.

Are you, am I, ready to ask boldly – without fear? Can we seek out, pursue, find what we need? Will we knock down barriers – the ‘it might not work’, ‘what if I upset…’, ‘we’ve never done this before’?

Where is your shameless audacity?

Taken from Zoe Bunter’s blog.

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Zoë Bunter

Zoë Bunter

Zoë has worked within the not-for-profit sector for 13 years prior to joining The Leprosy Mission England and Wales in April 2014. Having held fundraising leadership roles for more than six years, Zoë is passionate about enabling supporters to give financially to bless people in need around the world. Most recently she was a director at a Christian international mission and development charity called ‘Us’. Zoë is a member of her local church and an occasional preacher. She is active in women’s ministry.
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